6 visa-free countries in Southeast Asia you can’t miss this year

Vietnam, Vietnam sunrise, Vietnam pictures, Vietnam landscape
A beautiful sunrise in Vietnam.

If you’ve always wanted to pamper yourself with a last moment getaway, but were worried about the visa complications, these six awesome Southeast Asian countries will take that stress away. Things have become quite relaxed now as more countries have opened their doors and hearts to foreigners who now have a visa-on-arrival option in these countries. For Indian tourists, the deal just got sweeter as they don’t have to travel too far to enjoy their most coveted destination.

Here are some countries in SE Asia that offer Visa-On-Arrival to Indian tourists

1. Thailand


If there was one travel destination that offers revellers an option to party right from dawn to dusk or shop to their heart’s content, it has to be Thailand. Given the fact that its one of most popular tourist destinations and will continue to be so this year and the next, it’s tourist and well…crowded too. But hey, there’s a lot more to the place than the crowd, for instance it’s got some mesmerising beaches, exquisitely sculpted statues of The Buddha, and an intimate and exhilarating spa experience that is unparalleled. Beach bums can totally head to the serene Koh Samui or Krabi for a relaxing stay. People can also enjoy the cultural extravaganza at the Golden Triangle or by travelling north to Chian Mai.

Useful information:
At present, Thailand offers visa-on-arrival for Indian tourists at a price of of 1000 Baht. One can pay in cash or in Baht.


2. Laos

Laos countryside.
Laos countryside.

This is decidedly one of Southeast Asia’s untouched jewels. Slowly and gradually, it’s catching up with the travel scene. Although small in size, it’s brooding jungles, captivating and ever-changing landscape, glowing rice fields are just some of the highlights of the country that travellers have taken note of. The capital city of Vientiane is very friendly and laidback with truckloads to explore. For history buffs, Luang Prabhang is a must visit as it is aroyal city. We would recommend you experience true Laos by spending time in local, traditional homestays that offers the most raw and authentic experience.

Useful information:
It offers visa-on-arrival for Indians for a stay duration of up to a maximum of 30 days. It costs around USD $30. One can get the visa from one of the international airports at either Luang Prabhang or Vientiane.


3. Cambodia

Cambodia. For more images see https://pixabay.com/
Cambodia. For more images see https://pixabay.com/

One thing that will strike you when you visit either of the three countries, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, is lush greenery and awe-inspiring temples. No wonder then the famous Angkor Wat is on most travallers’ list. This particular monument is quite umatched in scale in all of Southeast Asia. The charismatic capital city of Phnom Penh boasts of its sublime reiverside location and truly world-class dining scene. Another city, Siem Riep, offers a bustling and diverse nightlife with cosmopolitan cafes dotting the area. The one thing, however, that you will take away with you for life, is the sublime countryside with its swaying rice fields, instagram-worthy lush greenery it offers to visitors.

Useful information
Indian travellers can avail Cambodian visa in three ways: First, apply at their Embassy. Second, Procure an e-visa online. Third, Visa-on-arrival at either of the country’s international airports. Visa-on-arrival costs about USD $20, which can be paid in cash.


4. Vietnam


Rich in culture and history, Vietnam is an utterly exotic place with breathtaking scenery that can quickly become addictive to a traveller. While Ho Chi Minh is a high octane capital city full of life, Hoi An on the other hand is a relaxed, laid back town renowned for its magnificent architecture. One will notice the fast-developing metropolis of Vietnam juxtaposed against the colonial, grand mansions of the French era coexisting harmoniously. The country’s allure and vibrancy is quite easy to appreciate. It definitely a foodie’s paradise. Although Thailand may beg to differ, but Vietnamese food is by far one of most exquisite and tasteful in Southeast Asia.

Useful information
Visa-on-arrival is appilcable here as well for Indians. But this is only possible if a prior online approval has been taken through a travel agency. One can take help from numerous but trusted travel agencies for this purpose. The approval comes usually within 2-3 working days. It costs about USD $45 for single entry for either a month or three months.


5. Maldives


White and dreamy beaches, cyan waters, unparalled diving sites, unrivalled luxury, and a vibrant underwater world is what Maldives is all about. For most, it’s a picture postcard-worthy holiday of a lifetime. Out in the ocean, travellers experience a myriad aquatic life, stunning coral walls and the crystal clear view of it all. It’s simpy breathtaking! Some of the world’s finest resorts are in Maldives. It’s got everything from luxury to budget stay and travel options for travellers.

Useful information:
For a stay of up to 30 days, Indians can avail a visa-on-arrival totally free of cost.


6. Indonesia


A country of nearly 17,000 islands, including active volcanoes, and over 300 spoken languages, is Indonesia for you. It’s dramatic landscape will shift from a sublime coastline to white sandy beaches to active volcanoes that can erupt any time. Yes, it’s as diverse as it is exhilarating and lest we say, slightly dangerous! But that’s the fun of it, as it gives you edge-of-the-seat thrills and chills. Bali, is one place you should visit as it offers exquisite spa, landscape and stunning architecture for the keen traveller. You’re going to hate to leave this place!

Useful information
Indians can travel to the country without a visa for a stay of up to 30 days. Flights to Indonesia from the Indian subcontinent can be cheap if you plan in advance.

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